6 Moons.

Travis Mammedaty

Travis Mammedaty is a traditional and contemporary singer who has been around the drum his whole life. At the age of 17 one of his mentors the late Alford “Sonny” Waters(Ponca) paid his way to sit at the drum and Mammedaty has always had a place there. From those early times singing and up until today he has amassed numerous songs from various tribes and learned their meanings. Mammedaty has over 400 songs stored to memory, with credit due to his many mentors he has learned from, with a large portion of the songs he learned from singing with the Anquoe family drum “Redstone”. Mammedatys love for song has led him to many opportunities to use his knowledge and voice to sing for his community in different capacities. If you are up early enough you can catch him singing up the sun every morning in his Instagram¬†@chases_the_red_blanket.




OK#1, Tulsa, Ok
Online – Twitch


2:00PM CST