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Quese IMC

Marcus “Quese IMC” Frejo is a tribally bear clan of the Seminole, wolf band of Pawnee, and a  pioneering indigenous hip-hop artist, cultural activist, and producer. One of the founding members of ‘culture shock camp: native hip-hop group and culture shock: the first native hip hop summer of 1998,’ Quese has been instrumental in being one of the early founders of indigenous hip-hop as a genre and movement. IMC has also used hip-hop, empowerment, and activism in the effort to break the colonized illusion of cultural divides. Quese IMC is the founder of the #pawneecamp of the Standing Rock: Water is Life movement. The artist’s performance on December 21 will encompass Pawnee/Seminole indigenous Hip-hop, tribal chants, and social justice consciousness through spoken word and wakuraariks.




Online – Twitch and Facebook


7:00PM CST